Wizz Marketing is an innovations company 

providing state-of-the-art customer engagement expertise combined with database creation and communication tactics to help grow your business, develop loyal customers and create referrals.

Embracing leading edge technologies, innovation and low cost execution combined with years of “street smarts” has become the hallmark of success attributed to Wizz Marketing. Wizz Marketing combines offline real-world customer engagement tactics such as targeted lifestyle store signage, innovative on-pack stickers, referral cards, compelling consumer mailers and print communications, unique event marketing tactics, drive-to-web contest tools with low-cost online cyber-world execution that incorporate contest micro sites, reward platforms, database creation, e-blasts, social media interaction and viral referral programs. The expertise in combining both offline and online tactics is the magic behind Wizz Marketing and the reason why they consistently deliver record breaking results for their clients.

If you are in the need of some “in touch with technology” marketing assistance to get you connected with your customer base, if your marketing database is not as current, fresh or as active as you think it should be, or perhaps you need to create a customer database from scratch, if your customers haven’t become advocates for your business sending you tons of referrals…you owe it to yourself to call Wizz Marketing to help.

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Customer engagement is the critical component to
a company’s success.

It is not only developing loyal customers but it is creating advocates for your products, services, staff, buying experience and ultimately your company as a whole. It begins with first impressions and enticing invitation that speaks to your specific target audience asking that marketing segment to do business with you in their language.

It requires an intimate knowledge of who your best customers are, their profile and demographics, why they buy and how to get more of them interested in your products or services. It becomes a chicken and egg situation. The more you engage customers the more you know about them. The more you know about them the better you are in engaging them. Once you have both components it becomes a snowball that builds and builds upon itself.

So the question becomes; “How do I get the snowball started?” “How do I get that first nucleus of customers to begin my analysis?” From there I know I can become more targeted with my messaging, create buying experiences catering to specific customer needs, build a loyal group of raving fans and ultimately explode with referral programs <link to referral programs> that invites a similar audience of friends and neighbors. 

Wizz Marketing specializes in the science of customer engagement. Customer engagement can be an evasive target that requires a constant innovation to offer something new and different to attract a fickle and over stimulated audience. In days long gone, stores on Main Street knew the idiosyncrasies of their customer base. Today, business requires the use of powerful tools to provide the same level of intimacy and customer knowledge. Customers want to feel that you are talking directly to them. It is no longer the issue of just having a great Product, you need to offer Purpose and Personality in your marketing message. Purpose - Why your product or service should interest me. Personality - communicating your message in a language and tone that your audience can identify with.

Wizz Marketing are specialists in leveraging modern variable print technologies, innovative drive-to-web technologies, contest security, micro sites, database creating, online surveys and analytics as well as personalized electronic communications, drip marketing, referral programs and viral campaigns to drive bottom line results. We combine both online and offline expertise to create a dynamic Marketing Database <link to Marketing Database> that used effectively will help you win and secure a loyal following of customers. 


Marketing consultation 

may be the key to removing the stumbling block that is holding your company back from success. It can make the difference between failure and success of companies. Successful businesses understand the need for hiring experts in their field. Wizz Marketing has a team of specialists that have consistently demonstrated expertise and competency in not only getting the job done but getting it done well. 

Our statistics, conversions and results out perform those of in-house departments time after time. Leveraging “best practices” of current marketing trends across a broad range of industries provides a resource of tactics that will give you the competitive edge.

Most companies do well with promoting “Product” but miss out on developing “Purpose” or “Personality” within their marketing message. We sometimes shock our clients by telling them that promoting Product is best done by the factory, manufacturer or institution not by their business. People don’t buy product, they buy what it will do for them. That is what we refer to as its “Purpose”. A clear marketing message needs to translate the features of the product into benefits for the consumer. If a customers feels that you understand their needs better than your competition, you will get the sale. The key is to be very specific, targeting your message directly at the profile of your best client demographic. “Personality” is what differentiates you from the competition. Most marketing messages are so vague they miss the mark in conveying personality. People like dealing with people who are like themselves. This point of connection needs to be leveraged to obtain its full impact. It has to do with language, style, images, color, graphics, associated companies, relationships, charities, community involvement and even backgrounds of your employees. Personality is the tipping point that beats out the competition.

Whether you are an enterprise that has a ton of potential but you feel is not getting the traction you deserve, we can help. Whether you are looking at print media, trade shows and presentations or digital communications we have the answers. Listening and developing strategies to your specific needs is critical to our success. Call today for your free two hour introductory consultation, your next business breakthrough may be only a meeting away.


Peter Reinhardt

Peter created Wizz Marketing to focus on innovation and tactical execution for small to medium sized businesses. It combines leading edge technological marketing tools with the knowledge and expertise of seasoned professionals in their respective fields. Programs are designed to be measurable, impactful and offer significant return on investment.

Focus & Approach 
Peter’s marketing, retail, management and sales experience has taught him that successful companies are built on sound principals, being transparent, recognizing achievement, rewarding desired behavior and offering a fun environment in which to grow. Peter brings this enthusiasm and energy to create incentive programs that are over the top in their ability to motivate employees, train and educate staff, instill loyalty, reach and exceed sales objectives and drive bottom-line profits. 
Known as the “Wizz” Peter has made a reputation in the industry, delivering programs that work, are innovative, measurable, engage customers, employees and management staff, but overall drive significant bottom line results.

Vital Stats 
CMO of Saving Main Street Inc., Peter brought together some of the greatest talent in the industry to work on projects for TD Canada Trust, World Wrestling Entertainment, AT&T and Canadian Tire Corporation, to name a few.

A new division, Wizz Marketing, offers a specialized tactical approach to implement leading edge technologies for smaller business applications. Senior Management at Carlson Marketing Group focusing on customer centric one-to-one marketing strategies, smart card technologies, loyalty servers and leading edge technologies. 
Peter’s past experience in business, retail, automotive, financial, insurance products, sales training, motivation and incentives offers him a sensitivity to the needs of business, customer engagement and loyalty. 
Honors graduate of the University of Guelph, 1977.

An entrepreneur from an early start, Peter owned his first company at age 16.